Thursday, May 24, 2012

A Blessing From the Lord

"Do not worry!  You know that worry only wastes time.  Your Pastor is correct, most things people worry about never come to pass anyway.  It takes time away from being in My presence and giving Me praise.  It is just another way Satan has distracted My people.

"Believe Me when I tell you that I will lead and guide you.  I will not place you somewhere that will entrap you.  And best of all, I will stay in each place with you.  You have to choose.  Trust Me that I will do as I say, or fall for the lies of the enemy that lead you to believe you are on your own. 

"I have planned out every day of your life.  I know how many seconds you have lived and how many more you will see.  I have great plans for you!  You will know joy you've never experienced before!  You will feel Me deep within you.  Do not be distracted by your own thoughts.  Keep Me first, and your dreams will come true.  I am the way to that joy you imagine.  It is rooted inside you.  You only have to allow Me to bring it out in you.

"Today I have blessed you with life!  It is a life to be lived loving Me.  Enjoy yourself as you look at the world around you.  Be aware of Me in the details.  Hear my voice in the wind, see My smile in the sunshine.  Notice how different every bird's chirp is.  Each one is singing!  They spend their life singing, never complaining or whining.  The sound is beautiful music to My ears.  They praise Me with their call.

"Spend time today singing to Me!  Let Me hear your voice!  Let Me hear your words of praise.  Be filled with my love today!  Be happy, and be still, know that I am God!

"Worry not!  For those things are not controlled by you.  It is futile to assume you are in any way able to control the outcome of the circumstances around you.  You can only accomlish those things that I bless and give you authority over.

"I hear each of your prayers - you know that.  When you pray, talk as if I was right there.  Plead your case to Me.  Lay your wishes at My feet.  Smile more!  Believe the outcome is good.  Have that faith, that those things you ask for are yours.

"Pray for your family everyday, and not just in the morning.  Pray for yourself too.  Humble yourself and admit you don't know what to do or say.  Pray always!  Talk to Me continually.  Allow Me to be the first in your thoughts and mind.

"Pray for your friends, your church, your town and neighbors, and your country.  Pray for peace in the world.  Not peace as you know it, but that My peace will come as a blanket and rest on each one of my children and bring them comfort and hope in their hearts as they face each day.  My love and My peace is all they need.  So many don't want anything to do with it.  They would rather feel they are in control of their own destiny.  Even you have done that.  Trust Me, none of you control the universe, and the feeling of empowerment you get when you act self righteous and superior to others is only your downfall.  My children place themselves above Me, their Creator.  It's a hard fall when the truth is known, but it does set them free!

"Give yourself to worshipping Me today, child!  Let Me hear your sweet songs.  I smile when you sing!  Keep Me in your mind today."

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