Thursday, June 28, 2012

Healing Rain is Coming Down

Dear Reader,

I have friends who are not feeling well, and I have several friends who have family in Colorado's fire zones.  I know how terribly scared I was last year when the fires were getting close to our house here in Texas (blogs from September 18 and 21).  We have prayers going up to God Almighty to bring the healing rain and to keep His wings of protection upon those who are in the middle of the firestorms in the west.  He graciously hears our every prayer and although not always what we want to hear, answers them.  Place your trust in Him today that your loved ones are safe.  Do not let the enemy have power over your thoughts, rest in His peace, and know that He is God!  And that nothing is impossible for God!

So if the mountains are bare, and the soil is heated through, if the only thing left is ashes, then there is a place to start.  When all else is gone, all that is left is Him. 

If your body has turned against you, if it is everything you can do just to get up, then get up for Him.  If it hurts to walk, remember that this pain is not for eternity, and that there is healing rain.  Remember that you will always have all your needs met.  Even if the only need is to start again, one step at a time.

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  1. Nice post, Deirdre. So true that "When all else is gone, all that is left is Him."

  2. Beautiful post and I had to add a new Pinterest board for "Special Videos" so I could pin your videos. Thanks so much!

  3. Deirdre, I so love your love, faith and strength. From it, all those who know and love you grow stronger-including me. My family as you know are in Colorado -"The healing rain is falling down-I'm not afraid" to hold his hand. For those that are afraid they should see this video and gather the sense of peace. Thank You again! You truly walk in His path.
    Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

  4. Deirdre, how uplifting! I conversed with another writer yesterday who lives in Idaho. She is experiencing effects of all the fires. I sent her my thoughts and prayers but this one needs to definitely follow. Thank you for sharing such inspiration.

    Do you know how to reblog? I would love to include this on catnip.



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