Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Morning Prayer

My Dearest Lord,

I submit to You today.  I will resist the devil so he must flee from me.  I draw near to You so that You will draw near to me!  I want to know You better.  I want to feel You close to me!  I want to love You and walk with You this day.  It is a beautiful day, one You have made for me.  It is a day that is unique; there is nothing about today that has ever been before, and there is nothing that ever will be exactly like this one again.

The same bird will not have flown the same way on the same breeze as it just did.  The sounds of birds and crickets and insects, and of dogs barking in the distance will never again all come together at this time of day while the breeze blows in this direction.  Your wonders are great!  Your glory is profound!

I thank You for opening my eyes to the beauty that is right in front of me in this world that has become hideous in it's sin and idolatry.  From where You have blessed me to sit this morning, on my back porch, I see a hazy blue sky with wispy clouds, some reflecting the pink of the new morning's rising sun.  They glide across the sky from the west to the northeast changing shapes as they go.

I see the tall chinaberry trees looking stately as only the very top leaves are moved by a breeze.  Each set of leaves is like an umbrella, shielding the branch on which they grow.  The branches that sway seem joyful, free if you will, enjoying the dust being blown off them. They dance for You, Lord, in sweet surrender.

I see the bright pink crepe myrtles, the flowers like soft cones facing the heavens.  They don't have a breeze to sway in, their glory is their beautiful bud.  Beneath them I see the beautiful bright yellow lantana.  The flower like a golden trumpet beckoning the small hummingbird to its nectar-filled horn.

The leaves of the fruitless mulberry begin to sway in the breeze, making a sound like paper blowing on the street.  The birds chirp their songs of praise to You, glorifying the God who created them. It all comes together in a symphony of glorious worship that can only be heard by You, and at this moment in time, on this unique one-of-a-kind morning, by me.

Thank You Lord for sharing Your glory with me!  It is so easy to see You in everything when I just stop and look.  I can smile, and know that You and I are one!  My God and me, enjoying each other's company. Thank You for this beautiful day.  And thank You for the inspiration!

The sky has darkened from the east, Father, so I got up to see if there were rain clouds.  No, just a lot of movement in the sky.  Wispy clouds, moving quickly, but so thin, like the fiberglass Christmas snow.  And what is that?  A colorful reflection on the very tip of the cloud that looks like, could it be, a rainbow?!  There is no rain, but there are beautiful pinks and greens like a very small piece of a rainbow!  My gift from God telling me that He loves me and reminding me that His promises are real.

It's all gone now, clouds all over, but I know that You cherish me and gave me a reminder that You do.  I am awed by Your love for me.

It seems that the sweetest places to find You are literally, right in my own backyard!  I love You, Lord.  Amen.

© dft

"Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. Come near to God and he will come near to you."  James 4:7-8


  1. Lovely, Deirdre. Your praises are so specific and clearly come from a humble and grateful heart.

  2. You know, Linnea, I tend to get overwhelmed sometimes when I think of God's love for us, and how He made this beautiful earth for us to enjoy. He has told me many times to find Him in the details and write about it. I'm so glad that you liked it. Deirdre

  3. Deirdre you are so in tune to what really matters in this life and it warms my heart and very soul to read your words of praise. Sometimes when I feel a gloom overhead lately, I sit quietly and watch for a message when my heart fills with a soecial fullness and then rest so peacefully. I sit on my deck and enjoy the sounds myself, of the trees rustling as the wind lightly kisses the leaves and if I watch closely enough II may see a Doe, a creature from our Almighty with her fawn and then my sweet chocolate lab that is so I will sit beside me feeling peace herself which becomes so visable while I place my hand on her sweet chest. God is everywhere and remembering to let him in is truly all we need to do in order to feel this special bond that you have with no one else.
    Thank you again for sharing. God will always Bless you.
    Rosemary "Mamie" Adkins

    1. Dear Rosemary, I certainly have my times, more often than I like to admit of forgetting that God is right there with me. I have a piece that I will publish soon from last week where he brought beautiful revelation to me. When we think of God and His love for us, we feel His peace. It is already in us (Jesus said, I leave you my peace, not as this world knows peace) so we don't have to pray for it or search too far. I know he is there for all of us if we but just open our eyes and heart. Love, Deirdre

  4. So beautiful--you are seeing with God's eyes and with His heart!

    1. Thank you Sandy, we can all see with His eyes if we just take the blinders off, right? It's so easy, but we make it so hard. Have a beautiful day! Hugs to you, Deirdre


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