Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Which Way Do I Face?

Dear Reader,

Right now at this time in my life, I see myself in God's mighty hand, a safe place where I can curl up , sleep, and rest.  But where is the face I seek?  Do I stand on God's great hand facing away from Him?  Do I look at what is before me unobstructed ready to go forward?  Is that wise?  Look again.  I am facing away from God, even though I am safe in His hand!  How often I tend to move before He does.

If I turn around; however, I can see His face.  Am I facing backward?  To where I have been?  Seeing the past?  No!  I am putting my trust in God!  If my future view is obscured because His face is so large I can't see beyond it, let me delight in knowing He has already been where I will sometime go!  Let me take joy in the beauty of His smile, and trust in His eyes filled with love!  Shouldn't I wait on the Lord to decide when it is best to move forward?  In the meantime, I should just rest. 

Dear Reader, don't run, don't be misled that our adventures awaits where the view is unimpeded and the vista magnificent!  Storms could easily arise out of nowhere and darkness could fall on the earth.  Will we ever want to be in a position to look 'back' and see God?  I don't think so!

He will let us see what we need to, but I want Him to be before me, yet cradling me in the safety of His palm!  I will move by faith, not by sight.  How about you?

"The Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you."  Numbers 6:25