Thursday, August 29, 2013

My New Book is Almost Finished, But I Need Your Help!

Dear Reader,

I have been very busy writing my next book, Dear Child of Mine, a devotional for pregnant women to read out loud to their unborn child.  These last almost 12 months have been a blessing to me.  When I found out that our daughter was pregnant, the Holy Spirit told me to write a devotional for moms to be.  I had to rely on Him to lead me, as this is not an easy task, and it has been 30 years since I was pregnant and going through changes in my body, heart, and mind.  But I went into it with enthusiasm and joy of heart, and each day I would write something and email it to my daughter early in the morning.  She in turn would read it out loud to her baby.  My first grandchild, a beautiful little girl was born last January, a few weeks earlier than her due date.  I had to finish writing the devotional through 40 weeks.  When that was complete, I had to go back and start at the beginning.  But where would the beginning be?

I thought week 8 would be good, because by then a woman pretty much knows she is pregnant, and may pick up a devotional at that time, or receive one as a gift.  But....  when I started to research and found out what was going on with the developing baby at week six (four weeks gestation), I was astounded!  Did you know, dear Reader, that the heart is the very first organ to begin functioning?  Yes!  Would our loving God start anywhere else?  No!  The heart, a place we associate with life and love, valentines and joy would have to be the first working organ, it just makes sense.  The brain is also starting to function in the sixth week, and you would be amazed at how quickly Jesus forms the baby.

I truly believe that Jesus Himself, who resides in us believers, is right there in the womb speaking life into the child.  I believe the first words a child hears are those of its Creator, and that the first thing it touches is the mighty finger of God Himself!  Just a tiny little hand wrapped around the finger of God Almighty!  Oh yes, I can see that so clearly, can't you?

I have written from Week 6, Day 1 through Week 40, Day 4, ending with You Are Here!  I have pretty much completed the introduction and most of the epilogue, but I want to add a little synopsis at the beginning of each week to state what happens that week in the baby's development or the mother's changing body.  The most important reason I want to add this synopsis; however, is to add pictures of the developing baby in the womb, but I am not sure where to get those pictures with permission.

The enemy does not want babies to be prayed over.  He doesn't even want them born, and tens of millions have died by abortion in this country and around the world.  No matter how the baby came to be, God was behind the creation.  I understand that an unexpected pregnancy may cause fear in young women.  But abortion is taking from your body something that is a part of it.  What some women may think of as a mistake, is not what God had in mind.  He doesn't make mistakes, ever.  Every child is a blessing in His eyes, and it should be that way in our eyes too.  We were all born when we were for "a time such as this."  God declared that we were able to do His work even in the worst of times.  Perhaps because they are the worst of times.  We have wars, and rumors of wars, tornadoes and earthquakes, all those things that are prophesied. 

Who knows who that child would have become!  Could it have been this generation's Billy Graham or Joyce Meyer?  Who are we to silence the mouth of God's child?  At seven weeks, five gestational, the baby has arm and leg buds, a lower jaw, a mouth, and vocal cords!  It has a closed spine, a beating heart, ears, optic pits, and it is developing blood cells!  And possibly, a woman hasn't even skipped a period yet! 

So you see, I need to get permission to use pictures of the baby in the womb (like the kind in doctor's offices) so that women who are contemplating abortion for whatever reason will see that there really is a baby in there.  I didn't have any morning sickness, and no 'symptoms' of pregnancy.  My dear husband had that for me.  So I know that even though a woman knows she is pregnant, she perhaps doesn't feel it or show yet, that it makes it that much easier psychologically, I think, to get an abortion.  This devotional in the hands of some of these women may change their mind.  The Holy Spirit may speak into their hearts as He did into mine to write it.  I would love to see Pregnancy Centers all over the world give this book to unsure mothers.  Whether they accept it or not, they ARE someone's Mother, Mommy, Mama now, long before the baby is even born.  So my first hope is that lives could be saved by someone receiving this devotional.

I believe that women that aren't sure about God will fall in love with Him through this devotional and come to know Him better, perhaps even get saved.  Christian women who don't pray over their baby and read scripture to it will now do that.  I prayed that my own daughter would be healthy with ten fingers and toes, but I didn't pray over her every day. 

Each day has a word to the child.  The child is told each day that they are loved.  Then there is a prayer, expressing love and thanks to God for this wonderful miracle.  Each day's devotion ends with a scripture.  I have heard from women that I have sent it to that the baby reacts when the mom or dad reads the prayers aloud to it.  That is an amazing thing, to me a sign that the child already knows the Lord.  Also, after the child is born, I believe that  when it hears scripture it will find it familiar and comforting.  It does matter what our unborn and born children hear.  If they hear death they will speak it.  If they hear life, they will speak that.  There are devotions for the baby's development, it's eyes, ears, feet, friends, trust, grace, mercy, pancreas, heart, brain, mind, and many more.

Please pray for me, dear Reader, that I am able to get the pictures I need and the endorsements to reach the most pregnant women possible.  It is not for my own gain, but for the glory of God that I want to see success with this book.  How many can come to the Kingdom is known only by our Savior.  If you have comments, please leave them and I thank you for being faithful to my postings.  May God bless you and keep you.

By the way, my granddaughter, who I call Grace (her middle name), easily falls asleep when listening to worship music.  She is comforted by the words that must be so familiar to her.

Thank you for your prayers, may God bless you!  And to Him goes the glory!

"I have prayed for this child, and the Lord has granted me what I ask of him."  1 Samuel 1:27 NIV

"I will give thanks to You, Lord, with all my heart; I will tell of all your wonderful deeds."  Psalm 9:1 NIV

"I have faith in God that it will happen just as He told me."  Acts 27:25 NIV

"I stand in awe of your deeds, Lord."  Habakkuk 3:2 NIV

"God made everything, and you can no more understand what he does than you understand how new life begins in the womb of a pregnant woman."  Ecclesiastes 11:5 GNT

"Start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it."  Proverbs 22:6 NIV


  1. My Dear Friend,

    This book is going to be an inspiration for mothers to be all over the world from every nation. What a wonderful way to start life. Conceived in the womb of the mother and daily listening to a devotional reading from the heart of the person who is giving him or her survival, and that is the mother! I will be praying for your book to reach many hearts, and I'll spread the word through my social media connections.

    I stand united with you in prayer that you receive the permission you need for the pictures that you want to display in your book and stand on the word of God that says where two or three come together united in prayer, He will hear and answer.

    You'll succeed because this project that you have been working on is not of yourself but prophecy given to you that is being fulfilled.

    Please let me know when you have a book cover because I would like to promote it on my book review blog also.


  2. Dear Pat, thank you for standing with me in prayer. And thank you for supporting the progress of this book. I believe it will change hearts and save lives. To God be the glory, for it is His child that we are privileged to birth and rear. He obviously trusts in us enough to bless us with a new life. Oh how I love Him! Shalom and love, Deirdre

  3. Dear Deirdre,
    I had no idea of the wonderful complexity of what you've accomplished. Recently women are told to speak and read and sing to their babies while in the womb and when the baby is born she/he recognizes the mother's voice. Research the web through google and most sites will tell you if you neeed permission to use the pictures or not. I didn't when I used a picture for a short story. I am more proud of you than words can say. you are amazing, so dedicated to be consistant with this. It's sure to be a huge success!! I want to read and review it asap!! I was profoundly moved by your post.

    Love, Micki

    1. Dear Micki, I am so blessed by your words. I will be in touch for a review. Thank you for the offer, I was thinking about asking you! I love you too, and ask God's constant blessings and grace upon your life!

  4. Check out Miracle You Ministries:
    This ministry is a calling of my dear and longtime friend Suzanne Housewright Cook. Her research into fetal pain and testimony before the Texas Congress was instrumental in shaping Texas abortion laws. She may be just the resource you need to find pictures you can use.

    1. Dear Greta, thank you so much for the information, I will definitely look into it. You are a dear friend, and I am very grateful you are in my life. Love you.

  5. Deirdre,

    Will be standing with you in prayer as well. What a blessing this devotional will be. I would love to promote it as well. I'm a counselor working with young pregnant women in faith-based crisis pregnancy center. I'm very excited about this book! Shalom...Leslie

  6. Dear Leslie, thank you so much for the prayers and your kind words. I too know that this will be a blessing because it was anointed of the Holy Spirit. I would be so honored if you would promote it. I will be in touch regarding that. If you would be so kind as to send me a message through FB (Deirdre Doyle Tolhurst - Author) I would appreciate it. Then I will be able to let you know when things start moving. Thank you for what you do to help these young women. God must be smiling upon you! Thank you for blessing me today, may He bless you abundantly! Deirdre

  7. Dear Deirdre,
    What you're doing is amazing and deserves as much support it can get. Supposing you don't get permission easily, perhaps it would be a good idea to collect signatures. I, for one, am ready to support you in every possible way.
    In love and admiration,

    1. Oh Marta, thank you ever so much for that! Your support means so much to me. God bless you in all your own endeavors! Love, Deirdre


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