Saturday, September 21, 2013

The Word of God is Powerful and Can Change or Save A Life

Dear Reader,

My life has taken many turns these last six years or so since I came back to the Lord and got baptized.  My old life is in the past.  I am still learning from it, but I vow to never repeat it.  I am so different, and walking in a light that is visible to anyone who takes the time out to open their eyes and seek it.  Once you see it, you want it more and more and more.

I have been very blessed in the last few weeks since my last post.  I have received tips from readers of where to get pictures, hopefully the kind I need.  I have told you that my devotional begins at Week 6 Day 1 - Trust.  There is a reason for that.  Six weeks pregnant is really only four weeks after conception.  But it is how the doctors plan on a date because the actual moment or day of conception is unknown.  Let me try and make this short, but share a little story with you about how God works.

Earlier this week I saw Divine Intervention at work.  On Wednesday, a friend sent me a text early in the morning saying simply, "love you".  I thought that was so nice and so I texted her back and told her how it made my day blessed and extra special.  A few hours later another friend texted and said "Good word, please pray for a girl considering abortion."  Without even thinking, I asked, "Is there a way to get my devotional to her?  I will pray for wisdom."  She in turn referred me to someone else who was in touch with the young woman.  When I called her, she began with how wonderful the text I sent her was and how it was in due season!  I was flabbergasted.  "What text?  I didn't send you a text" I replied.  "Yes you did, it's right here, 8:31 this morning, from Deirdre Tolhurst.  "No, I was walking with my husband at that time", I said.  But she was looking right at it on her phone and insisting that I sent it, and it was exactly what she had been telling this young woman.  We spoke about how she told this girl that she knew that God had something planned for her and her child.  We then made arrangements for me to send her the devotional day by day.  

Dear Reader, this is exactly what I was saying in my last post.  That if we could get the word of God through this little book into the hands of someone considering abortion, that perhaps it would change their mind, and a life could be spared.  She has decided to keep her baby!  Praise God!  This is because she saw that there were people there that reached out and showed her that they cared, and that they were willing to listen and walk her through those moments of doubt and fear.  She knows the Lord loves her, but don't we know that the world can be very loud in its lies sometimes.

We need to pray for these women and lift them up to the Lord.  Things happen and consequences follow, but we are not to judge lest we be judged, and who of us could throw the first stone?  Certainly not me!  God wants these children to live.  He loves each of us and has a plan for us.  Who is to say that the next child born isn't going to be an amazing man or woman of God?  I prayed over my granddaughter every day before she was born, I wrote the devotional for her mom.  But while writing it I read it.  I said it, and felt it in my heart.  My granddaughter will be a strong woman of God.  She will lead many to Christ.  She will minister on the playground, because I have dedicated her spirit to the Lord Jesus.  I have no doubt that what He tells me is true!  

Back to that text that my friend received.  The night before or early on Wednesday I received a text from a wonderful woman I know.  It had a scripture and said that God was blessing me and that I needed to share this with a few other women.  So I hit forward and sent it to about eight of my girlfriends.  Almost immediately I got an error message back, repeating exactly the same thing for the number of people I sent it to.  So I did it again.  And again the same thing happened.  So I gave up and deleted all those and went on my way.  

Later that night I saw my friend in church and she showed me the text.  It was the one that I tried to send twice but it didn't go through!  More absolute amazement in how God works.  The next day my best friend calls me and tells me she meant to call me the night before but knew I would be at church.  She wanted to tell me about a conversation she was having with a fellow coworker about her prayers that morning on her way into work.  She was telling her about how there were things that she hoped for, but that she was perfectly happy submitting to God's will because no matter what, she knew that she knew that she knew that He had a plan for her and would reveal it to her when the time was right.  In due season.

So even though (I believe) the enemy tried to thwart my efforts of forwarding that text, God turned it around and made it work for His glory!!  Let's see, there was confirmation that what was counseled was from God.  A young Mom decided to keep her baby (Praise God a million times), and a friend received comfort knowing that her heart was indeed in the right place.  Only God Himself could do these miraculous things.  A miracle indeed, and I was blessed to be a part of it! 

What was the word that reached into the hearts of these women? 
"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.""  Jeremiah 29:11

Please join me as I pray for those women who are lost.

Dear Father God, 

You are all mighty and all powerful and see every detail of my heart.  You are glorious and lovely, and always faithful and trustworthy.  I believe in the power of the Name.  I believe in the power of Your written word.  Please show those women that are lost or alone or afraid that Your love overcomes anything we may face.  Please always place a laborer in their path, send your heavenly messengers to them to minister in Your name.  Bring them through their hurt, disappointment, or shame to a place of light, and love and truth.  Help them to know that they are never alone, and that the child they carry is a child of Yours first.  You chose this time and place to bring that child into this world.  It isn't a mistake, it isn't wrong.  There can only be love and light and joy in the presence of the Lord.  And while You are within them, help them to see that only You have the right to give life and to take it away.  We are the stewards of all the things You have blessed us with, and I ask that You give us diligence to nurture and take care of those things and to follow Your word and live righteously.  I ask You to bless these women and the men who are now fathers, to follow Your word and step forward and take responsibility for the most precious and worthwhile gift in the world, that of being a parent.  Thank You, Father for hearing my prayer of faith.  I love You with all my heart, and I pray in the name of Your own Son, Jesus Christ, Lord of Heaven and Earth, Sustainer of Life.  Amen

After the heartache, there is joy in life.  May God bless you all, always!