Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas in Heaven

What a year this has been.  There have been many children die this past year in different ways.  Sickness, stillborn, miscarriage, car accidents, abuse, and violence have taken what is so near and dear to us.  I can't even begin to imagine the loss of a child and what Christmas is like for a family without them.  But there should be a peace in our hearts knowing that God has our little loved ones right there in His Kingdom.  He is a loving God, and is taking good care of them.  He did not abandon them at their death, whatever the cause, indeed His word says that to be absent from life is to be present with the Lord.  What a comforting thought!

So if you have lost a child, as I know so many have, please know that you will see them again.  They have moved to their place in eternity, and are fine, they are safe in the arms of Jesus.  I pray for you this Christmas season, that the peace that Jesus left with us overtakes your sorrow and one day brings a smile back to your face in remembrance of your baby. 

For each life that ends, a great hole is felt in the heart of those left behind asking 'why?'  Only God Himself knows why someone dies, especially a baby or young child.  But just knowing that a child is singing with the angels is very comforting.  Our God is a good God, and He places us under His wing and He rocks us gently and comforts us.  We'll understand why someday, when we are reunited with those we lost, but until then, just know that He understands our pain.

I wonder what Christmas in Heaven is like.  I think it must be awesome.  I think that Almighty God must look down and see us worshipping; and when he looks around at His loved ones that have already gone before us, those that are part of His very own choir, I think He must smile broadly!  I think He is happy that we still celebrate the birth of His only Son even when our hearts break.  I think it shows how much we trust Him, that it shows our belief that the enemy will not and can not defeat us!  And I think that makes Him glad.  We are here but for a moment, after all, and our eternity will not be filled with sadness or grief.  There is no sorrow in Heaven, there is only never ending joy!  God bless you!

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  1. My Dear Friend,
    Thank you for this encouraging articles to parents who have lost children. Although I have never had children, I can relate to loss. Saying goodbye to someone I know and love has always been difficult even though I have the inner assurance that I will see them again.
    As human beings, we will never understand the why, but we do know as children of God that we are on a journey on this earth. This life is not the real life. Each person who accepts Jesus Christ as their saviour will begin new life at the time of his or her acceptance. So as each saint finishes his or her journey, the sadness that we feel will eventually turn into joy, and I believe that is the joy of reunion. Because we know that our journey will also end one day, and we will cross over into real life.

    1. Well said, Pat! I couldn't agree more! The rewards are more than we can even imagine! Thank you for always making time to read my posts. Love you!


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