Saturday, May 10, 2014

Happy Mother's Day to Those Very Dear and Precious Other Moms

Dear Reader,
I wanted to write something special for Mother's Day today, and as I sat at my computer this morning, nothing came to me that hadn't been said by someone before. I tried and tried, but my heart just wasn't in it. So I closed down and went to get ready for church. I thought about just putting "Happy Mother's Day" out the
re, but then thought otherwise.

I try to encourage with this blog, or to lift spirits or to be a vessel that God uses to get His message across. While I was getting ready for church, God opened the window of my heart and placed a very special message in me for today. Although unusual, it is profound, as is everything the Lord has to say.

There is a group of Mothers that very few remember. You won't find a card for them at the store full of pretty sentiments, and no flowers are delivered for them today. They sit through this day cloaked in pain and sorrow because these are the mothers who lost their children through miscarriages, SIDS, abortion, and stillborn births. For some reason their babies, the children that they would have cuddled and nursed did not live long enough to fulfill the natural feeling women have to nurture. So they don't have a child making hearts with sweet but sloppy sentiments for them. They can't see their daughter get married, or their son become the man she dreamed of.

God wants you ladies to know that you became mothers the moment you conceived. If your baby only lived for a few hours or days or weeks or months in utero, you were and still are, a mother. Your child is sitting at God's side, alive, and happy, and waiting for you. Do not feel sorrow or pain anymore. Although in this world you can't hold that child, you will one day! You were the vessel God used for creating a life. We can't begin to understand why God does what He does, but we must remember that every single thing He does is filled with love.

He knows how you feel. He wants you to know that you are much stronger than you think. You have grown to take that same love you would have had for your own children, and you have given it to other people's children. You have watched and wished, but you have loved beyond what most people can imagine. You have found that place in your heart to give to others unselfishly. You have been an example of grace.

Ladies, I honor you today! I wish you joy and fulfillment in the ways that God has given you gifts and talents. I admire you for being so strong. Please, take my best and most heartfelt wishes for a Happy Mother's Day! God is still blessing you, and although some of you may not know or understand how, He is, and it will become apparent to you in His time.

My own daughter suffered a miscarriage four years ago the day after finding out she was pregnant. In that short 12-hour period, my husband and I had discussed who it would look more like, how that Christmas there would be a baby in the house, and how absolutely delighted we were. But things did not turn out the way we all expected. Still, three years later the Lord blessed her with a beautiful baby girl. But she is a mother of two, and one day, on the other side of the rainbow, she will meet the first child she carried, even for such a short time. One day that beautiful child will reach for her while angels sing praises to God. And she will know, as will all you Moms, what a holy and blessed reward it is from God to be a Mother, even one who has lost a child.

For all those Moms that have been a Mom to a dog or cat, thank you and Happy Mother's Day to you as well. Thank you for taking care of God's creatures as He tells us to in the Bible.

Happy Mother's Day! May you see God's blessings all around you today! You are special and have a special gift that no one else does. Smile, and feel joy today! He is in your heart, loving you!

"For He Himself has said, 'I will never leave you nor forsake you.'" Hebrews 13:5