Monday, January 12, 2015

He Leads the Way

Good morning, Jesus!  I love You!  I am so happy to be Your child and one You love so much!  What a wonderful morning to be alive and see Your glory in the light of the full moon!  The rolling clouds that surround it appear to undulate around its base and sides and there is a huge circle of milky white all around it!  I remember that the moon has no light of its own.  But with the sun (Son)'s light reflecting off of it, it becomes a beacon of hope on what would otherwise be a very dark night!  Because of that brilliant light piercing the darkness, a platinum path is visible in a world that lies between the blackness of night and the glory of dawn.  The asphalt shines with little bits of icy residue twinkling like sapphires on the road I am to travel today.  You have lit the way!  You have made my path silver, glowing in the darkness.  And I know the Holy Spirit guides me and my ears shall hear a word behind me saying, "This is the way, walk in it."

"Your ears will hear sweet words behind you:  "Go this way.  There is your path; this is how you should go" whenever you must decide whether to turn to the right or the left."  Isaiah 30:21 The Voice