Saturday, March 5, 2016

All Creation Knows

I am sitting in the cool of the morning.  My only company is God and His creations.  There is a hawk flying around.  He catches the stiff breeze and glides so smoothly!  I know what he's doing--he's laughing and playing in the wind.  This moment is his gift from God to enjoy.  He isn't hunting; he's dancing and praising his Creator.

Two hummingbirds dart over to me, quickly stop and then off they go, playing tag and praising God.

The tall trees dance for Him, and the sound of their leaves rustling are nature's hallelujah! And I am compelled to join them, so I lift my arms in worship, and with tears of surrender and love, give thanks and sing, 'How Great Thou Art!'

Oh how He loves us! If you have eyes, see!  If you have ears, hear! All creation knows the Lord!


  1. Yes, God does love us dearly and most of the time we find it hard to comprehend because we think we must do something to earn it. And God says, "For God so love the world that He gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believe in Him might have eternal life." And more than that by walking in faith accompanied by his grace we reap his love in its fullest in every area of our lives.
    Have a great week, my dear.

    1. There is so much of God's fingerprint all around us it's amazing! And when we notice and say thanks I think He smiles. Have a most blessed week yourself, my dear Pat! Love and hugs, Deirdre


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