Wednesday, April 3, 2013

And the Lord Said...

"I love you!  Good morning!  I bless your day today.  I bring you favor and wisdom.  I address your day today.  I command blessings on your life.

"Be astute and wait for Me.  Do not attempt to do things your own way today.  Understand that I have already placed the special moments of your life in your path for you to walk into.

"As you come to each one, raise your voice and give me praise!  Know that I am God everlasting, and have written your name on My hand!

"Be blessed as you seek Me in the hidden places of your heart and mind today.  I am here, I am everywhere you will be.  Even if you go back in time and remember a day long ago, I too was there.  I know the memory.  I know each one of your memories, the details and the way your heart responded to each one.

"You don't have full recollection of all of them, but they are still part of you today.

"You have always walked in My presence.  You always do, and you always will.

"Do not worry.  You know that worry only wastes time.  Most things people worry about never come to pass anyway.  It takes time away from being in My presence and giving Me praise.  It is just another way Satan has distracted my people.

"Believe Me when I tell you that I will direct your path.  I will lead and guide you.  I will not place you somewhere that will entrap you.  And best of all, I will stay in each place with you."


  1. My Dear Deirdre,

    These words are for me. Tomorrow, I will have a minor surgery and even though I want to have it, I questioned if it were really of God. Everything is surprisingly paid for. I don't have to pay one cent, but I was unknowingly worrying a little about it. Your word from the LORD was for me, and I accept it. I will walk in there tomorrow with confidence that God has everything under control.

    Thank you.

    Continue to keep an open ear to God. You are a shining light, and it is at times like this, when I need a Word from the LORD, and a Word of encouragement that I run to your website.

    Be blessed my dear friend. I love you.


    1. Dear Pat,

      I will be holding you up in prayer for complete and speedy healing. Also that the attending doctor and nurses and staff are children of the Most High God. Let His almighty hands work through the doctor and deliver what it is He has called you to do. No trepidation, no fear, just love, power, and a sound mind! You are blessed, Pat, and you're a blessing to me. I love you! And peace, that which is in your heart will cradle you in it's embrace.

    2. My Dear Deirdre,
      Thank you. You have made my evening. Will send you an email to let you know all is well.



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