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Dear Child of Mine, A Devotional for the Unborn Child

What a road has led me here!  I am so pleased to tell you, Dear Reader, that my second book, Dear Child of Mine, A Devotional for the Unborn Child, has been submitted to a publisher!  This time around I went with Westbow Press, a division of Thomas Nelson, the oldest Christian Publisher in the world, having published Bibles and Christian books for 213 years.

I was instructed and inspired by the Holy Spirit to write this when my own daughter became pregnant.  My precious granddaughter, Makayla Grace, is one of the biggest blessings I have ever received, and it was a pleasure to pray over her every day as I wrote this book.

I believe with all my heart that praying every single day over your baby from the moment you find out that you are pregnant makes a huge difference in how that child will grow up.  So this book is not something you would give as a baby shower gift or a baby gift.  It is meant to be read as soon as possible after that wonderful news, "Congratulations, you're going to have a baby!" 

The book begins with the miracle that is happening inside the mom from conception forward.  The actual devotions begin at Week 6, Day 1 (actually 4 weeks from conception), and continue through Week 41, Day 2, and finally, "You Are Here!"  The devotions cover a myriad of topics about the different organs that are forming, what the child is doing at this time, future friends, blessings over their development and birth, and the glory of God's goodness in the baby's life. 

Each week has a synopsis of the baby's growth and development, and the physical changes the mom is going through.  Each day of that week addresses those beautiful wonders, beginning with Dear Child of Mine, a few words to the baby.  In this part, the baby is told how much it is loved by God and the mother, and how precious its life is.  It is followed with Dear Heavenly Father, where the mom offers a prayer to God for the miracle He is performing in her body.  She prays over her child with gratitude and awe of God's great works.  This is followed by a scripture relevant to the topic, and finally a few lines for the mom to write down what her own feelings were that day in her pregnancy.  Perhaps she will bless the child with this book when they are grown up and having a child of their own!

This book will be available around 1 October.  I believe the publisher offers bulk discounts.  I would love to see this book in pregnancy centers around the world, at ministries who provide help for pregnant women, in church bookstores, places where baby items are sold, bookstores, doctor offices, and anywhere a woman can be introduced to the beautiful connection of speaking to her baby as soon as possible.

If you would like more information, or would like me to contact you, please leave a message in the comment section below.

I have included a sample here.  Please share this post so that word can get out to the right places, and that pregnant women everywhere can begin praying over their sweet babies.  It is a great gift for that new mom (she's a mom from conception) and dad.  He can read it too.  And grandparents can read it each day as well, knowing that their prayers from farther away are also heard by the baby's spirit.  Thank you, and God bless you!

Dear Child of Mine, A Devotional for the Unborn Child
by Deirdre Tolhurst

This book is meant to be read aloud to your child. Please do not feel funny doing this, both mom and dad can take turns, and it will make an enormous difference in your child’s life, especially before being born. Even before hearing your voice with physical ears, your baby’s spirit is most definitely hearing the words of life you speak. Your child is connected to God, who is within you, developing and shaping your baby whether you are a born-again Christian or not.

The words you speak over your unborn child will make a great difference in what kind of person they become. Always speak life to your children, and confess goodness and grace over them every day of their life. Ask God to bless them each day. Growing up is hard enough, so help them with the most important part, the spiritual part. They will be glad that you cared enough to do so, and so will you. Keep God in your life, and seek His face in every situation you encounter.

…God has a plan for each of us, and the Bible tells us this, “’For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.”’ (Jeremiah 29:11 NIV) 

We may not know what that plan is, but we should take comfort in the words ‘to prosper and not to harm you.’ God would never hurt us. He wants us to be prosperous and give us hope and a future! God Himself! He loves us with a love we can’t begin to comprehend.

(4 weeks from conception)


  • Is 0.15 inch (.038cm) long, weighs 0.01ounce (0.28g), and is slightly smaller than a raisin
  • The spinal cord is beginning to close
  • The first blood cells and blood vessels are developing
  • Blood flows through blood vessels
  • A pipe-shaped heart begins to beat
  • The brain divides into 5 parts
  • Optic pits form to start the development of the eye
  • Cells that will be arms and legs are in place
  • Placenta begins functioning
  • Tissues that will become ears are on the sides of the head
  • All major body organs and systems are formed
  • You are more tired than usual
  • Headaches may occur
Oh my goodness! So much is going on inside of you! God is working every second whether you are awake or asleep, to form and develop your baby! Can you believe it – already there is a beating heart, blood of life, and a rapidly developing brain! The optic pits are formed, soon there will be eyes and ears!

It can be a little scary finding out how we were formed, but God molds and crafts each and every one of us with His Own hands! We are so mightily blessed because He, the Author and Finisher of our faith saw us further back that we can even fathom. And here you are today on the beginning of an amazing journey! Don’t fear, He is within you and all around you. Call on Him in your weakness and strength, He is just and worthy and will answer your call. 

Your baby can feel your emotions, even though you don’t have any physical outward appearance to go on. You are chosen because God saw something very special in you, and He has a plan for both you and your baby. You are blessed! Rejoice! Your baby’s heart beats!!

Week 12, Day 4 – Your Face

Dear Child of Mine,

You look much more like you will six months from now. You have a chin and a nose and a facial profile. You can suck your thumb and get hiccups! I wonder who you look like, your father or me. I have to smile when I imagine everything God is doing with you, how He is making you whole, and more like Him and me every day. It amazes me when I acknowledge how little you are, too small to even feel yet, and still so much like me! I love you. I praise God for His mighty miracle within me. He is a loving and caring Father.

Dear Father God,

You have formed my baby’s face! I see how small she is, perhaps about the length of my ring finger, yet she is living, crying, hiccupping, moving around, and looks like she will when she is born! When my baby is born and I look in her face, I will see the face of God looking back at me because You are her Creator. I will try to remember always to see You in her. I love You so much, Father, and wonder, do I have Your eyes? In Jesus’ Name I pray, Amen.

“As for me, I will see your face in righteousness; I shall be satisfied when I awake in Your likeness.” Psalm 17:15



Week 22, Day 6 - Sleep

Dear Child of Mine,

You have fully formed eyelids now, which will protect your eyes and will blink to clean your eyes. They will also close so you can rest. When your eyelids get heavy and your little head drops to your chest I will hold you close and kiss you and sing you a sweet lullaby as I put you in your crib. May God always give you sweet or prophetic dreams and may you never have nightmares that will scare you. When you sleep, dream thoughts of goodness and grace, and I pray that God will give you refreshing rest. I love you and look forward to rocking you to sleep.

Dear Father God in Heaven,

Thank You for giving us sleep and rest so that we may meditate on You and Your glory. Thank You that our bodies are equipped with eyelids to deflect the bright light and keep dust and other things from hurting our eyes. Please grant my child restful nights and rejuvenating sleep so that he may play and learn and grow up healthy and happy. Thank You for my baby! In Jesus' Name I pray, Amen.

 "When you will lie down, you will not be afraid; yes, you will lie down and your sleep will be sweet." Proverbs 3:24


Week 41, Day 1 – Safe Passage

Dear Child of Mine,

The time is so near to when my dreams come true and we meet. I am so excited I can’t help but be impatient! I envision your beautiful eyes looking up at me, and your face glowing with the love of God within you! I believe that it has been just you and Jesus these last nine months. I believe you know Him well and will always want to know Him. I love you, child, and I will always remind you that you are a son of the Most High God, a prince in His glorious Kingdom!

Dear Father God,

I pray to You today for safe passage for my child. Bring him safely from his cozy but cramped place in my womb into my arms. I imagine You kissing him as he starts on his journey of life, and then being outside my womb and holding him as his life in this world begins. Thank You for Your loving arms around him. Thank You that he is made in Your image. Thank You for the love You have for my son, and as You place him from Your hands into my arms, I thank You for trusting me with his care. I adore You, Lord, and I treasure this blessing! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

 “…It is you not I, who have been carried from before you were born. Indeed, when you were still in the womb I was taking care of you. And when you are old, I will still be there carrying you, when your limbs grow tired, your eyes are weak, and your hair a silvery gray, I will carry you as I always have. I will carry you and save you.” Isaiah 46:3-4, The Voice



  1. Good Morning,
    What an honor! What a privilege to be blessed to write such a book and have it published. I am sure that it will be a blessing for many expectant mothers now and in the years to come.
    Congratulations on staying focused, on going through the many impossibilities that made this book possible. I am so proud of you.

    Be blessed.

  2. You have blessed me this morning with your kind words, Pat! It has been a long journey, and God revealed many things to me along the way. Some wonderful and some convicting (very convicting). Writing this book, was, as the saying goes, a labor of love. The story behind its inception is in the Preface. Please share the post so that praying for babies spreads. Thanks so much, my dear friend, I love you! God bless you always, Deirdre

  3. Deirdre, this is beautiful beyond words. How precious it will be to expectant parents as they learn to communicate with their unborn child. The bonds will grow ever stronger between baby, parents, grandparents and God. What a wonderful thing you have accomplished! I am so happy for you and proud as well. I wish you great success with this amazing book you have created.
    Love, Micki

    1. Thank you so much, Micki! The book itself explains how it came to be. I give the glory to God that lives will be changed, and that a new generation will rise up hearing scripture and feeling a comfortable familiarity with it. He is so amazing in how He created each one of us, so different, yet all loved the same. Have a blessed and beautiful day, my friend! Love, Deirdre


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