Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Dear Child of Mine Has Been Released!

Dear Reader,

I am so pleased to announce that Dear Child of Mine, An Heirloom Devotional for the Unborn Child has been released at WestBow Press

It took over three years to get to this place, and I have learned so many things along the way, the most important being that I had unknowingly made the pictures I wanted for the gestational ages an idol!  What a terrible thing.  It was so subtle, as are most of the devil's lies, that I didn't notice for 18 months while the book sat in a drawer.  One day the Lord took me aside, so to speak, and asked me why the words He inspired me with weren't good enough.  I was under the false impression that the pictures from inside the womb that I wanted were what would give God glory and make the book sell.  I put something man did before the beauty of God's very own words!  Not only was I astonished at the subtlety of it, but ashamed, convicted, and humbled. He forgave me and I moved on. 

I rededicated my life to Christ on the 28th birthday of my salvation. I asked God to give me the Holy Spirit gift of faith for a present.  Although I didn't change immediately, my faith has grown considerably, and my hope is restored.

Writing this devotional, something I don't think I would ever had tried to do, brought healing to my heart and restoration for a relationship lost.  I am now planning my marketing strategies to pregnancy centers, maternity homes, and churches across this great land of ours. Babies need to be prayed over long before they are born.  And they need to hear those prayers while they grown in the womb - first with spiritual ears and then with physical ears.  Jesus is right there in the womb with that baby! His finger is the first one that sweet innocent child puts his little hand around!  It is His voice that first says, "I love you, child", and it is He who forms and perfects every bit of that child's life. What a glorious thing - we know our Savior before we know anything else! 

But unfortunately, the moment of birth into this world brings with it a cloud of forgetfulness about the beauty and love and peace that surrounded us for nine months.  I believe though, that Jesus has placed His memory in the child's heart.  The scripture readings he will hear later on in his life will be familiar to him.  He'll have a tugging on his heart that something is missing until he turns once again to the Sustainer of Life, his Creator and Redeemer. 

As the mother writes her own notes on the provided lines, she is leaving an heirloom for the child and her descendants.  She will write things that she may never say later on. It is something her child will cherish its whole life!

My husband and I were blessed on Thanksgiving with the news that our daughter is pregnant once again!  The sweetness of God cannot be described.  My husband and I are now writing in the book that I wrote for my first grandchild, almost three years ago. We don't know how long our time on earth is, only God knows that, so we want our grandchild to know us--our likes and dislikes, our hopes for its future, our dreams and memories. And as we read it each morning we are in agreement with our daughter and son-in-law in the prayers we pray. There are 241 powerful devotions to bless the baby with.  It's more amazing than I can say!

So if you are pregnant or know someone who is; or if you'll be a grandparent, please get this book as soon into the pregnancy as possible and begin what will be the greatest gift you could give that unborn child--your heart!

Have a glorious and joyful day!


  1. Good Morning,
    Congratulations on the release of Dear Child of Mine and also on your successful launch. I am truly delighted for you.
    All the best and I wish you a very Merry Christmas with your family and friends and a beautiful, blessed walk over into 2016.

  2. Good morning, Pat! May your Christmas be so fully of blessings you are astounded! And may God's blessings lead the way into 2016! Merry Christmas! With love, Deirdre


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