Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Be More Childlike

When my little granddaughter doesn't want something, whether it is certain foods, going to bed, or meeting someone, her first reaction is to turn away from what she doesn't want in her life with such a frenzy while saying, "I don't want it!"  She will not look at the person or thing as if repulsed by it.  Sometimes my cajoling only makes her cry harder.

There are many things in my life that I don't want as well--anger, fear, doubt, and temptation.  Especially temptation to do all those things!  Why can't I be like her--a two-year old who only wants to be at peace.  Satan has had many years to cajole me, and along the way he has deceived me into seeing things his way.  It's more fun to hang out with cool people than godly ones, or to agree that some people aren't worth loving, or it's okay to be mad, healthy even!  Lord, help me to turn away in disgust from the temptation to sin.  Help me to turn my back on what doesn't bring me peace.

"Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the Kingdom of Heaven." Matthew 18:3 NIV

From From My Heart to Yours by Deirdre Tolhurst


  1. I think you give satan to much credit! Especially since the term satan only means adversary not some living being or creature having more power than God Himself! Why shadow box when you can see the truth and conquer the enemy within yourself.

  2. Hi James! Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate your comments, but don't agree with them entirely. I certainly do not give Satan more power than God, and I don't know how you reached that conclusion.

    Satan is a very real entity, yes, an adversary, the enemy. Remember, he was Lucifer, the son of the morning (Isaiah 14:12-21). He has a throne (Rev 2:13). So don't be fooled into thinking that he is not out to get you! He tried to tempt Jesus for 40 days. Why would he not try to tempt us? Jesus tells us all about him. He is the ruler of the world, albeit, Jesus conquered the world.

    He hates God, us, Jesus, and anything good. His desire is to steal, kill, and destroy, and to take us away from God. I believe that one of his main ploys is to fool the people into thinking he doesn't even exist, that the portrayal of a silly looking guy in a red suit with tail, horns, and goatee is just so unbelievable that people scoff it off.

    But James, he does exist. He doesn't stand a gnat's chance at being more powerful than God, but he tries nonetheless. He is defeated, but won't give up the fight. But that is how it is written. In Luke 22:31 Jesus tells Peter that Satan has asked for him, that Peter may be sifted as wheat. But Jesus intervened in prayer.

    I don't pretend that my life is free of temptation to sin, or that I have to continually ask God for forgiveness for the things I have done wrong. And please don't forget the other great story of Job, and Satan's constant assault to get Job to renounce God. He's an adversary alright!

    My little story asks for God's help in conquering temptation, something I do constantly. Thank you again for commenting, I appreciate your thoughts! Have a blessed day! Deirdre


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