Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's a New Day, Dear Readers!

I am back after a long season of being away.  My life was in turmoil for a good part of 2016.  I had some physical challenges as well as some very hard emotional challenges.  In March, the pain of losing our unborn granddaughter at 28 weeks tore at my heart like nothing I had known before.  The sorrow I felt for my daughter and son-in-law was all consuming, but I had to put it aside in order to help out with taking care of Makayla Grace, their now 4-year old.  

I had extensive oral surgery in May, and one week later I contracted Shingles.  By the end of the year I had lost my desire to write, and my faith was greatly tested.  I doubted God's presence in my life, and I struggled to believe that I would ever write again. I couldn't see the point, and I felt as though there was no reward.  By the time 2016 ended, my hope was just about gone. I was feeling pretty down and useless.  On top of that, I gained eight pounds which doesn't work on my small-framed body. That in itself depressed me.

On 1 January, my church of almost 30 years, Grace Christian Center in Killeen, TX, began its third annual 21-day Daniel Fast.  This is a time to eat only fruit and nuts, veggies and seeds, and only drink water.  There are no sweeteners, caffeine, breads or desserts, chemicals or preservatives, meat, fish, or fowl.  More importantly though, it is a time to pray and draw closer to God.  When we deny our flesh the things it craves, such as ice cream, coffee, steak and potatoes, pizza, or any other foods we desire, a battle ensues over the flesh. 

After the third day of headaches from withdrawals of the above mentioned delicacies, it gets a little easier. I found I wanted to spend as much time with God as possible.  Some days I sat in my office and read and studied the bible for hours on end. It's true that meditating on the Word brings you closer to God.  As the days and weeks went by, I found myself being filled with joy once again.

In those times when I starve the flesh and stay in the Word of God, my heart's ears are opened and I hear so much more clearly what God is speaking to me.  It will work this way for you too. As my body was cleansed of impurities, so my soul was filled with the Bread of Life. 

Since the beginning of the year, God's message, whether through my Pastor's sermons, devotions that I read, or studies that I attended, was very simple.  Listen and obey.  That's all.  Don't procrastinate, do!  I had to go back to remembering what it was that God put me here to do.  He blessed me with certain gifts.  His plan for me is to reach as many of His children as possible and to share the Good News of the Gospel through my writing.  Jesus lives! He reigns! He is eternal and He loves us!

Let me encourage you today to listen and obey without delay.  We have no need to fear, He is ever by our side.  I am happy to be back at my keyboard and being with you once again. I may change up the format of my blog, but I won't change the purpose - to be His representative.  Have a blessed and grateful day, and know that you are loved by Your Creator.



  1. Hello My Dear Friend,

    It is so good to read your experience this morning. It was good to see your article come into my postbox. Yes, you do have a mission. You have so much to do. Sometimes it happens that the Accuser whispers little lies in our ears and without realising it we pay attention. That has happened to me also. As long as we are being active giving glory to our God, we will be accused. I am learning to shut his mouth up by asking God to rebuke him, and God does.

    All the best with your writing. It is soooo good to see you back where you are supposed to be.
    I love you, Lady.

    Shalom aleichem,
    Everything Must Change

    1. Thank you, Pat, it's so true, the enemy will jump right on in if that door is opened even just a crack! Your encouraging words are that nice pat on the back I occasionally need. I love you and am grateful you are in my life. Shalom Aleichem.

  2. Welcome back!! I know much of how you felt. 2016 was a sad year for so many of us. Like you, I began losing not my faith in whether God could heal me but rather, whether he would. The fact that I am alive at all is a real miracle but I felt restrained by not being able to do whatever God's plan for me is--which what you yearn for as well. Helping others, not wasting away in bed. Your letter comes at the same time I felt well enough to push a little harder and to accept whatever His will for my life is. It isn't easy, as you know, but it is start and I am determined not to let the demons from hell get in my way or block my intentions since "God does help these who help themselves." Your post was right on time in my life!!
    Love you, Micki

    1. My dear Micki, 2016 is over, we no longer have any claim to it or what it brought, whether good or bad. God helps those that cannot help themselves. We must rely on Him to get us through each moment of our life. Keep fulfilling the plan He put towards your life, and keep ignoring the nay-sayers. Jesus said we would suffer. I love you, and I'm so glad you continue to conquer the demons!


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