Friday, March 20, 2015

An Excerpt

I wanted to put out an excerpt from the book I am currently working on.  I would love your comments Dear Reader!

"And the stars glistened and the moon shone, and peace filled the countryside.  Only those who believed knew He was there.  Only those who didn't doubt could hear His voice in the cool night air.  They were still, they were expecting.  They were rewarded with direction and knowledge.  They praised His name as all the animals of the night listened.  They were in tune with Him.  Are you?" 

"...and after the earthquake a fire, but the Lord was not in the fire; and after the fire, a still small voice."  1 Kings 19:12 NKJ

From the collection From My Heart to Yours by Deirdre Tolhurst


  1. Hi,
    I read your excerpt and a smile came upon my face. You make it suspenseful. There is an element of curiosity in this passage. As a reader, if I was not familiar with the Bible, I would be asking what is she talking about and want to find the root of this verse in the Bible. I thought of the Parable of the Ten Virgins and the Oil where half of them had enough oil but the others didn't. As a Christian, I thought of the passage in Hebrews 8 where God says I will put His laws in our mind and will be to us a God and they shall be my people. Further it says everyone shall know me from the least to the greatest. That means for me that everyone who is a child of God will be in tune with Him. Wow, that is a promise to take hold of now.

    Finally, I have to admit that Elijah is one of my most favourite prophets. I love this guy because he was so human. And I love the way God encouraged him after he had gotten scared of Jezebel. Elijah's life shows me so much about the mercy of God. It shows me that it is okay to be scared. God shows Himself when we are fearful and afraid. Great passage, Sis.

    Summary: I look forward to this book appearing because I know it will not only be a help to the body of Christ but also to those who are wandering in darkness. It will be a beacon of light. Please let me know when it is published and available on Amazon worldwide and to include Germany and Italy.


    1. Dear Pat, you are my greatest encourager! This passage will be part of the devotional I am writing. Each page is small and different, but what the Lord gave me on that day. I am so happy you liked it. I will be sure to let you know when it is done. It will be quite a while as I am only 43 days into it. I must write as He leads. I will be posting more as the weeks pass. I will be sure it will be available. May God bless you my friend! With love, Deirdre

  2. A lovely excerpt thank you Deidre ..

    1. Thank you Susan. May God bless you today and each day with all you need! Thank you so much for stopping by and commenting! Deirdre

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