Tuesday, March 17, 2015

God, Where Are You? I Am Afraid!

"Dear Child, I am here, right beside you.  You don't have to be afraid, for I will never, under any circumstance, leave or forsake you.  There is great power in fear, but it is only powerful to the one who wields it.  For those caught in the "grip of fear," there is nothing like it.  Fear comes directly from evil.  It is tortuous to the mind, and can even cause the heart to die.

"I don't bring fear, I never meant for my children to even know fear.  It, like most things, is something you can take or leave.  I prefer you leave it.  That defeats the enemy.  If he can't scare you, his powers are useless against you.  I gave you the spirit of love, and power, and a sound mind.  Those spirits are really all you need.  A sound mind shouldn't bow to fear.  Fear is always a lie.  Always!

"I remind my children constantly that I am with them, but they go on their way rarely stopping to realize they are alive, clothed, housed, and fed.  They forget to notice the beauty around them.  I don't bring the sun up with a glorious sunrise and then go away until evening when it sets!  No, not at all.  I am everywhere you turn.

"I am the blue in the sky.  I am the breeze in your hair whispering "I love you."  I am the ripple on the water, and the flower whose fragrance gathers your attention.  I am the bark on the mighty oak, shielding it from the battering elements.  I am the sand beneath your toes on a warm beach, and I am each snowflake that glides down from the heavens.  I am a sweet drizzle and a hailing monsoon.  I am a whisper on the wind and the howling gales.  I am your smile because your heart is happy.  I am each tear you shed.  They are so precious to Me that I collect them and keep them in a jar.

"I am the cloud that gives you relief on that hot summer day.  I am that little puppy that melts your heart.  I am that rock outcropping where you can rest on your climb.  I am the roar of the ocean's waves.  I am the mountain you moved close to so you could enjoy its beauty and majesty.

"I am the sun and the moon, and the stars.  All that I created is from a part of Me.  It is all my design.

"Child, My Spirit is within you.  I never leave you.  I wouldn't want to, you are valuable to Me and I want to protect you.  I am not just sitting beside you when you are at death's door, I am walking each step with you, dreaming each dream, resting, running, jumping, climbing, all of it.  I am even in the gym with you.

"So shake off your fears and your doubts.  You are a child of the Most High God, the Commander of the Heavenly Armies!  You will never fight alone.  I have gone into battle before you, and I have declared victory!  There is nothing to be afraid of, I am here!"


  1. Hi,

    I have been going through some situations this year where I have had to rely upon the Word of God that He was there even though I haven't felt it. This word of Prophecy is a testimony to all who dare to walk out on water and let God fulfil their God-given purpose in life.

    God is always there and it is when we don't feel Him that He is closest to us.

    Thank you my dear Sister for this encouraging word.

    Sending you Love and a big hug out of Grosskrotzenburg, Germany.


  2. Dear Pat, there is never a moment in our life when God isn't there. I know that as we go through our day(s) we so often forget that. If only we could remember that the Holy Spirit is within us and that God is everywhere around us, I think we'd lead much nicer lives. I don't think there would be hate or war, perhaps out of fear? I speculate on that, but it is such a comfort during those moments when we sit and watch the sunrise or the beautiful landscape of stars at night that we can smile and say thanks to the One Who made it all! He is magnificent! Thank you for always stopping by! Love, Deirdre

  3. Deride, this is one of the most beautiful and inspiring pieces hat I've read. I keep coming back to read it again. You should be a minister. Your words warmed my heart in a way similar to when I feel the Holy Spirit within me. Thank you for this gift at a time most needed.

  4. Dear Micki, thank you for stopping by! I am so thrilled that the Holy Spirit is working through me into other's hearts. There are times when I look back at what is in my own handwriting and still can't believe it came from my pencil. God is good! Love you, Micki! God bless you always! Deirdre


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