Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Let Him Help You Today

Are you one of the many people who don't know how to be thankful because you suffered a great deal of pain at the hands of someone much bigger or stronger than you?  Perhaps you grew to be cynical and untrusting.  Maybe you went through times in your life when the one person who was supposed to protect you and defend you and understand you instead abandoned you.  How heartbreaking that you feel you have nothing to be thankful for!  How very sad when someone loses so much faith in the one they loved so much!  How sad that they reached a point where they built walls around themselves all the way to sky so that person or anyone else couldn't hurt them again. 

Then perhaps the loneliness set in.  The thought of finding someone else to ease the burden seems foolish but you take a chance anyway.  Happiness seems to evade you no matter where you go.  You find that you are stuck in a chasm with hope on one side and despair on the other.  Of course you want to climb the mountain of hope, but it is so high and steep and rocky, it looks impossible to travel!  The other side, the complacent side, is much easier to navigate, so time after time you choose that road.  When will you learn that that road is a circle road?  It only takes you back to that unforgiving chasm.

Although the road of hope looks endless and impossible to travel in your weary state, if you look closely, if you focus, you will see that there is a light there, and a well worn path that many before you have gone.  The ground is really smooth and the way is actually easier than you imagine.  There is refreshment and places to rest.  This is the road that you should take.  The road best traveled. 

Do not give up, dear Reader, do not begin to think that your prayers are in vain!  God hears every single one of your prayers, and He hears them immediately.  He is the Beginning and the End!  He is Love!  He will heal your broken heart.  It begins with forgiveness.  As hard as it is to forgive the unjust or the unfaithful or the cruel, those are exactly the ones that Jesus died for!  He didn't only die for you or me, He died for every single one of us!  The murderers, the rapists, the lewd, the thieves, the haters.  All of us.  We all have the same thing in common--none of us are so bad that He can't forgive us.

Place yourself in His charge today, let His light shine on you.  Let Him direct your paths and bring you refreshment.  He is the Source of all things good and holy and righteous.  Don't be afraid of the outcome, it is deliciously sweet!  And if you need to forgive yourself for something, start there.  Ask for His help, He will take your burden gladly, for He said in Matthew 11:29-30, "Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.  For My yoke is easy and My burden is light."

"God is our Salvation and Strength, a very present help in trouble." Psalm 46:1

May you seek Him with a determination that you will finally remove the unforgiveness and the burden that is strangling you.  I pray that you find peace, sweet and restful peace in the arms of the Almighty.  Rest, He will hold you close to His breast and ease your pain.  He loves you!  His passion for you is unequaled and will never change.  To Him you are the most important thing ever!  Go ahead, fall into His arms.

May God bless you today, dear Reader with peace and reassurance of His love for you.  It is there for the taking, so please go to Him now. 

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