Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How Life Changes

My life is becoming more different everyday.  God is at work in me, patiently molding me into the woman of God that He desires me to be.  I have prayed for a long time for God to use me as He wanted.  But I had my own fears.  I truly wanted to do anything He asked, but it was not without reservations.  For instance, there are times in my life that I can reminisce and see how He spared my life.  Whether it be from car accidents or whatever stupid mess I may have gotten myself in to, He saved me, even when I wasn't saved spiritually.  I'm sure you can think of many times in your own life that have you amazed that you are still walking the earth.

When I got older and thought about it, I thought, "God must have saved me for a reason."  Then the little nudging of "What if He wants me to be a missionary somewhere?!" crept into my heart.  Like in Africa.  What do I know about Africa?  How would I react if He came down and said, "Deirdre, it's time to go to the jungles and preach the Bible to the natives."  My eyes get big just thinking of it! 

I've since been told that God doesn't do that if it's not in your heart to be there.  What good would you be otherwise?  The thing is, if He really wants you there, He's going to put it in your heart!  So what seemed scary and sinister before now has the appearance of hope and excited anticipation.  That's how my life is changing now.

I used to write when I was young.  I loved to write.  But once I got pregnant I didn't have the time anymore.  Life got in the way, as they say.  I just lost interest in the whole business.   Then many years later (and many years ago), I had a renewed interest, and even spent a small fortune for the time on a writing correspondence course through a good school in Connecticut.  I was accepted and I paid my tuition, and got started.  I was assigned an editor and I dove in with sweet abandon.  My stories were wonderful, they even impressed me.  Then lesson 7 required I go out and sell myself as a freelancer to magazines.  That was when I put my pen down once again.  I was not the type that could sell myself.

Fast forward to now.  As you know, I wrote a poem for a friend that turned out to be a book.  God's divine fingerprint is all over it.  God told me that He would send the people to me that would help me.  My publisher has started to do the media blitz.  Tomorrow I have an interview with a reporter from one of the local papers.  He'll be bringing along a photographer with him.  Although the book is not released until 1 November, Amazon has it listed for pre-buy in Russia, Germany, UK, Japan, Netherlands, Canada, and of course here in the good old USA.  This is all so new to me.  God has changed me, as I said.  I have become bolder.  I know that He is in charge, and I trust Him.  He has told me that He will not leave nor forsake me.  I have placed my trust in Him, because He will not bring me to harm.

So I glory in Him for these new beginnings and reach out to Him for wisdom and discernment.  Where He goes I will follow. What He asks, I hope to give, freely and confidently.  He is my God, and I love Him.  He has placed a desire in my heart to let children know who He is.  One book at a time.  I must trust Him and allow Him to complete in me what He has planned.  Be blessed today, dear reader; you have a God who loves you watching out for you and He will mold you into the best you can ever be!

"Commit your way to the LORD, trust also in Him, and He shall bring it to pass."  Psalm 37:5

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