Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Steward

Note:  I wrote this in the mid-summer.

God wanted to get my attention today.  I wanted to sit on the back porch and spend time speaking with Him by journaling before it got too hot to do so.  You see, this is a La Nina year, and so the winter was cold – much colder than usual, and lasted longer than expected.  Spring seemed about 6 hours worth of comfortable temperatures, and then BAM!  Summer was here!  We started getting 100° temperatures in mid-May, and they didn’t plan on leaving.

Rain is a distant memory; I was much younger the last time it rained!  We haven’t had to mow much, and millions of Texas acres have succumbed to wildfires.  I am seeing emaciated horses and cattle on my way to work.  Lord, even though this IS Texas, we need rain!

So I thought I’d spend my morning time with the Lord on the back porch before it got too hot.  I had just gotten comfy with my coffee and journal, and hummingbird flew by, looked at me, and flew away.  That’s when God spoke, “Daughter, take care of the birds!”  I hadn’t even put up the hummingbird feeders this year, so to the shed I went, found four feeders and some food, and washed the feeders, filled them and hung them on the front porch and in the backyard.  I was ready to sit down and write, and again the Lord spoke to my heart, “Daughter, put water out for the deer.”

Well we have so many deer where we live that they have done thousands of dollars worth of destruction to our shrubbery and lawn.  I had to dig up all my bushes that were around the front of the house because the deer have eaten every last leaf, and when new buds begin to grow, they nibble them away too.  Over the last three years, the deer population has at least doubled, each doe having twins or triplets.  I didn’t really want to give them water, that will only keep them on my lawn, but I knew I’d better obey. 

While filling the bird bath and trough that we had let go dry, God reminded me that He loves all His creatures, great and small.  He loves us the most, of course, and made us stewards of His earth.  He let me know I should put out water for the animals so they wouldn’t die.  Then He nudged me to think about the bunny rabbits.  They, of course are too small to reach the birdbath or trough, so I found some large planter bottoms and filled them.

On the way back inside, I saw the stripped ear of corn on the little squirrel stand, so I put a new piece on there and tossed some kernels around and put water there too.  When my husband comes home I’ll ask him to fill the bird feeders, because I am not too sure how they work.  We bought these great ones that are supposed to frustrate the squirrels, and they are so high tech they frustrate me too.

I knew God was smiling as I walked back to the porch and my coffee.  So I sat back down and waited a few minutes before picking up my pen, just to be sure I was done, and wouldn’t you know, along came the hummingbird to drink.  Mission accomplished!

I spent time with God in a different way than I had intended, but feel just as filled with His Holy Spirit, and I know His creatures are being cared for.

“And the Lord said, “Who then is that faithful and wise steward, whom his master will make ruler over his household, to give them their portion of food in due season?  Blessed is that servant whom his master will find doing so when he comes.  Truly, I say to you, that he will make him ruler over all that he has.”  Luke 12:42-44 NKJ


Are you a good steward?

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