Tuesday, November 22, 2011

An Encouraging Word

My Dear Lord,

I love You tremendously!  My heart is Yours.  Please bless My friends through me.  Please bring new friends to my life.  Let Your holy spoken word reach beyond the universe from Your hand to mine, from Your thoughts to mine, and let it flow through the hearts and souls of the weary, that they may be blessed today with encouragement and hope.

My Lord Almighty God, what would You like to say today?

My children, I am with you always.  Today is no different. Although the challenges you face today are many, My strength is within you.  You have My word on it!

Children, do not fear the adversary.  Do not fear death, for I have conquered death so that you may live.  Have I not died for your sins?  Have I not risen in joy to return your souls to their rightful place, in the heavens with our Father?

Take joy today, that I will help you to conquer all of life’s trials.  I will not lead you just so far and then desert you.  My appointment is with you today.  My mercies are new and holy, and each one that you choose to accept will come with peace and acceptance.  So sweet ones, take advantage of My gifts to you today. Place each promise I have made to you in your heart.

Remember always that you are not alone, that I am here, guiding your lonely self.  I am sitting at My table, with a feast to share with you!  Come, take My hand and together we will go to a place of comfort and talk.  I will never close My ears to your cries. I will never lose sight of you.  I will never let your hungry soul die of malnourishment.

Allow Me to lead you.  Lean on Me when you despair. Cry your sweet tears onto My shoulder.  Rest yourself at My feet.  I will hold you, loved one, I will cradle your worn body next to mine and give you strength.  I will run the race with you!  I will be before you, I will be beside you, and I will be behind you, above you, encapsulating you.  I will always be here for you. 

Call on Me, allow Me into your heart today.  Do not be ashamed that you call on Me!  Oh no, call all day, let Me help you.  Hour by hour, minute by minute, for as long as it takes I will help you.  My life for yours. That is what it is all about.  I took your pain and felt your relief, I took your sorrows and felt your joy.  I will take all your cares and replace them with My yoke, which is easier to bear.

Do not feel you are being a burden by always calling out to Me and asking for forgiveness. That would be a lie, you are NOT a burden, you are My righteous one!  You are learning what is necessary to become one with Me! Keep on calling, I never tire of hearing your voice.  I will be here for you.  I will not fail you, I will not forsake you!

If you need encouragement today, come before My throne and let Me show you My glory!  My grace is upon your head, rolling down your face, showering your heart and soul with light, divine and holy light.  I have a warmth that your spirit needs to stay alive.  Let Me rain on you, on your health, on your wealth, on your relationships gone awry.  Just ask, I am willing.

I love you, My child, I will always love you!  I will not fail you, nor will I ever lead you to a place of heartache.  I am your Rescuer, not your accuser.  I bring life by My Word and by My sword.  I bring all good things to you today and all the days of your life.

Put your woes aside and see My glorious and Holy Spirit within you!  Rise!  Shine!  Bless the new day, for it is one that I promise you will be beautiful!  Do not grow weary thinking about what the world says, don’t fret over the tribulations of this earth.  I have conquered this world and have given it back to you.  Use the authority I have given you.  Put on the armor you have!  Slam Satan in the head!  Kick him in the teeth!  Sickness is not from Me!  Renounce the hold he has on you, come to Me and drink from the waters of life.  Misery is not from Me, for I love a happy heart.  Smile with Me, share good news!  Sing, My darlings – sing songs of joy!

And if all the world deserts you, if your mother and father leave you, if your children find someone else to go to, do not worry, I am here to fill the emptiness in your heart with everlasting joy and peace!  I hold you in My hand.  I kiss your weary head.  I whisper in your ear, “I am here!”

If you have lost your last dime, I will feed you with all you need to get by.  I will give your spirit nourishment to go on for another day.  I will not let you starve.  Come to Me and see if I won’t bless you!

Never be consumed by the things of this earth and how they may appear.  Instead, come to the Kingdom, and see the holy clothes you wear. See your faith shine!  Give Me your heart, and I will give you life!  Hold Me close, feel My breath!  Know that I am God!  How I will bless you!!

Come to Me today and we will feast on all I have for you.  Sit at My side and sing with Me.  I love to hear you sing!  Praise Me!  Bless My holy name!  All I have is yours for the asking.  Come to My throne of life.  Be one with Me today.  I love you, child, more than you can ever know in this life!  My love for you is so enormous that your brain can’t begin to wrap around it.  So don’t try, just believe!  Just come!  Spend time with Me!

Draw near to Me and I will draw near to you.  I love you.  Always!

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