Saturday, November 19, 2011

Update on My Book, A Christmas I Remember

I just wanted to share with those of you who only link to this blog spot about the progress of my first children's book, A Christmas I Remember.  This book has been so well received by everyone who has read it.  I think it is truly a testament to our Lord that people have embraced it so enthusiastically. 

 To me it was just a poem for my friend Kindra.  But to others, it is "encouraging", "inspiring", "beautiful", "wonderful", etc.  I have had people actually giddy telling me how much they loved it! 

When I wrote this book, I had to become a business (Blessed Beginnings), because writing a book isn't what I thought it would be.  When Tate Publishing and Enterprises accepted my poem and I signed a contract with them, I assumed that meant that it would appear on bookshelves all over the world.  Not so.  Until there is a demand that just won't happen.  You see, people write books all the time.  Many authors 'self publish.'  So the bookstores would be inundated with new books (I don't recall the astronomical number that are published each year), and they just don't have the room for that.  There are some prerequisites to getting on a shelf in a bookstore.  The author could be a celebrity (people will always buy a celebrity's book, they have a name people know); it could be a second or third book a successful author has written; or it can be in demand by the public.  The public would have to make it noticeable to the stores.  Barnes and Noble carries my book on their website, but not in their store.  They don't know me or my book and don't want to use valuable shelf space for a risk that it wouldn't sell.  I understand that.  Amazon has my book being sold all over the world.  Through different links (if you google Deirdre Tolhurst), people in Australia, Germany, UK, India, Croatia, Japan, Denmark, Norway, China, Canada, and of course here in the United States can purchase the book on-line.  If enough people do, then there would be a better demand.

Anyway, since I am not on the shelves, I must promote my book myself and buy them at my cost from my publisher and sell them wherever and to whoever I possibly can.  I keep it on the table at a restaurant, and turn it over occasionally so the server can see the picture on the back looks just like me.  I do as many signings as I possibly can, and I keep everyone up to date with Facebook and email.  I have done pretty good so far, but not as good as God will do.  The word about this book is getting out there because people who like it are telling other people and they are telling others.  It is a giant network.

I think the biggest part of it, though, is trusting God.  I hear Him tell me to not put this book before Him in my heart.  I must remember that He gave me the words and He can turn off the attraction in a heartbeat.  Every sale is one He ordained in the first place.  He wants the book out there because He knows who will receive from it.  When I get anxious He very quickly reminds me who is in charge!  I feel as though He and I have collaborated (what an honor) and He is the Ghost Writer (Holy Ghost?  That just occurred to me, how very cool is that?!).

This book will sell because of His blessing on it, not because I am doing book signings around the area.  I see my inventory and get nervous, will I sell them?  In sweet peace He whispers, "trust Me."  I know deep within my heart that I will not have a large inventory of books around the house after December 26th, and I also know that He will tell me how many to order in these last 35 days before Christmas.  Trust.  Always trust!  He has already been there, right?  Shouldn't I listen to what He has to say? 

If you feel like you would like to purchase A Christmas I remember, you can go to Tate PublishingBarnes and,, or for those of you in UK, India, CanadaAustraliaGermanyJapan, Croatia, Norway, Sweden, and China, you can just click your country.  I will thank you ahead of time for buying a book and helping God reach others.  We'll make it onto the best seller list soon, and then we will know that God is working miracles!  I am honored and blessed that you have allowed me into your home today.  Have a blessed and joy-filled evening. 

If you have bought a book, perhaps you would like to comment so others would know what you thought.  Thank you.

Dear Lord,
Thank you for each person that comes to my blog spot and reads.  Thank you that they are encouraging me.  Please bless their health, their finances, and their relationships.  And may You receive the honor, the praise and the glory You so richly deserve.  My heart is Yours.
With love in Jesus' name,
Your daughter, Deirdre

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