Monday, November 7, 2011

The Evidence

Ma'am, what evidence do you have that God exists?

What evidence do I have that God exists?  There is a peace and joy in my heart that surpasses all understanding.  I know He lives in me because I struggle every day to do the right thing.  When I slip, I feel terrible inside, I am ashamed of myself, I want to receive God's forgiveness.

I have forgiven those that I never thought I could. I found love instead of hate, and forgiveness instead of bitterness.  I ask to be forgiven too.  Although my days aren't exactly sin-free and I have to beg God's forgiveness, I know that I am making progress.

We all have a choice (many choices) to make in this life.  Once we are saved we can continue doing worldly things knowing we'll still go to heaven, or we can change how we see things and try our best to please God. 

Jesus is evident in the dreams that I have - to write things that will help others.  He's evident in my desire to start building a retreat. He's evident in the sky at 5:30 in the morning when it's so dark and the stars and planets are so bright, when the moon lights up the street so I don't need the flashlight.  He's evident 2 hours later when the sun comes peeking over the cloud cover in a golden brilliance that takes my breath away!  He's evident in the smile on a baby's face seeing their mommy!  He's evident when two men place their arms around each other in brotherly love and affection! 

He's evident in the glistening drops of rain on the leaves during a sun shower.  He is evidence that there is hope!  When all we want is to give up and we can't it is evidence of His divine presence letting us know that even through the worst pain and sorrow there is, there is going to be a way through it!  Even through the numbness of grief, there is a hope that it will get easier.  Eventually the tears stop and we breathe in His almighty love and peace!  He will never, ever leave or forsake us!  He will never let us have more than we can bear.  He will always show us a way out of temptation!  Of course the choice is ours to ask Him to leave so we can bask in our pain (which only gives Satan an extra edge) or we turn and run into His arms!

Loving and serving Jesus is a choice.  It is one I make knowing what I am doing.  It is no lie, it is beauty.  When someone says "God bless you" when no one has sneezed there is that connection made so quickly between two people who just realized they are brothers and sisters in Christ.  An immediate bond is formed!  It is divine in nature.  There is nothing in or of this world that can put that feeling of phileo love in our heart.  It is God, letting us know - "Here is another brother for you to know you aren't alone."  We need people in this world to give us strength and to walk with us being an encouragement.  We need to know we are a family.  God has placed all these wonderful people together, and even if we don't know it yet, if they are only a face we pass in the store, we all sing songs of praise and worship together in the spirit realm.  We are one church united in harmony, worshipping our Redeemer.  Our voices rise in beautiful melody in the heavenly places, because our spirits are always one, always giving thanks and praise to God.  Imagine the beautiful noise!


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