Thursday, December 29, 2011

God's Response to What I Have Learned

This is the response I received from yesterday's post, Things I Have Learned.

"Deirdre, You need to seek Me the right way.  Your heart needs to be pure.  You need to come to Me in humility and humble adoration all throughout the day.  You need to better remember that those blessed with a pure heart will see God!  (Matt 5:8)  You see me when your heart is pure and you have humbled yourself.  When you come before Me in worship, then you feel so good and you learn so much, and you get filled with my Holy Spirit.

"Keep both feet in the Kingdom.  Seek Me first.  Don't worry about things not yet here, like your books.  Don't think about those things that will come from Me in My time. Concentrate on the here and now; on each moment you are living.  See My beauty.  Feel My breath on you.  Know that I am here, and that I am in charge.  That I will defend you and give you strength  as you need it.  Know that I will never give Satan permission to take your life.  You will not be stolen from Me.  But you have free will to choose which direction you will go.  You can get very hurt going the wrong way, and you don't want to be hurt!

"I will allow you to help those I send your way, but you must do your part as well.  You have to pray, praise, and worship.  You must always show Me that I am worthy of your praise.  But don't worship me this morning and then speak trash this afternoon,where will that get you?  Certainly not further on the Kingdom path!  It is your choice to learn, repent, and move forward or circle around that big mountain one more time.  Which will it be?

"Be a better steward of all those things I have given you, especially your heart.  Don't allow corruption to enter and get a stronghold.  Only allow what is good and holy to enter and leave your heart.  Change your thinking by thinking before doing!  Pray, ask for guidance.  Don't just throw yourself into something, even if it seems good, that is like jumping into a raging river above a waterfall!  Where is the sense or safety in that?

"Go with peace in your heart.  I have enjoyed this time with you.  I love your desire to learn.  It makes things much easier, doesn't it?  I love you very much, Deirdre, I always will.  You are a blessing when you want to be.  And I love your spirit!  Have a beautiful day.  I'll be here, call anytime!"

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