Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Things I've Learned in 2011 - Part I

Dear Lord,

I have learned many things in 2011.  I am going to share with my readers some of those things You have taught me.

I learned that You brought me a book when I hadn't asked.  You answered my prayer to help me remember something from when I was a child to write for Kindra.  You brought Vel along to tell me it was a book.  You used other people to bless me.  You directed me to Tate Publishing.  You showed me many things about the process involved in publishing a book.  You gave me something small, but reminded me that I should not despise the day of small things (Zec 4:10).  I should not resent the seemingly small beginnings.  Instead, I should give myself wholeheartedly to the things that You are asking me to do, and trust that You will bless them and cause them to prosper and grow.  I should remember, as I am faithful with little, You will entrust me with more (Matt 25:21). 

I have learned to believe You. That there will be other books. But how they become reality, like A Christmas I Remember must come from You, in Your time, with a divine plan in place.  I should continue writing until You tell me to do something else.  I should not focus on a book, but on what You are teaching me.

I learned that it is not enough to ask You to touch me, but that I need to touch You.  I need to remember that it is not as important to ask what You can do for me, but what I can do for You!

I learned that without You I am nothing.  But to You I am everything!  You love me with a love I can't understand.  You care for me, You give me my heart's desire.  You love me!  You will not let me die without first knowing You.  You have befriended me, You have taken Your time to form me, to choose me, and to teach me.  Thank You that I am important to You.  And what does it matter if I am nothing to someone on earth?  They cannot make my hair grow, or my smile fade, or my soul sing.  Only You!

I love You, Lord.  I thank You for this opportunity to trust You once again.  Each time I put something out here I am trusting that You will send the right people to read it.  I will place Your answers on this page tomorrow.  In the meantime, I am living and breathing for You and because of You.  I will do my best to make You proud of me today!

Your daughter,

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