Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Trust, Trust, Trust

I have quite a few books in my house that I need to sell before the end of the week so that I can have them delivered for Christmas.  I need to pay the bill on these books, and all I know to do now is to pray that God will sell them.  Will He?  It's His book!  That's what everyone keeps telling me.  I am supposed to watch Him perform a miracle.  Well, dear Reader, that's exactly what I am going to do.  I have a very large bill that needs to be paid.  God has the resources.  Is there anything the Lord can't do?  I have to say emphatically NO!  Will He?  I must trust in His word that He will not leave nor forsake me.  Why would He place this book in my life and then leave me in debt, worried through this beautiful season? 

He wouldn't.  But the devil would!  Christmas is only 10 days away now.  I still have two signing events this weekend, but other than that it all comes down to who is going to buy these books on line through my website.  I am going to believe that has all been accomplished in His name, by those He chose to buy.  There is more exposure because of the TV show and the radio broadcast, so I will put my faith (the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen - Hebrews 11:1) and trust in Him today.  I am going to spend the next 10 days looking forward to Christmas. 

I am going to believe in healing in family relationships, that all those that are separated from their husbands or wives will be returning safely and with a renewed love for each other.   I pray that they will be coming home for Christmas.  Not just for a visit, not to keep a distance between each other because of past hurts, no, they are coming home because that is what God intended.  That marriages heal. 

All marriages suffer growing pains, it is a given, we are all different, that's what attracted us to each other in the first place.  We have times where our pride comes between us and nobody wants to be the first to say I'm sorry, I was wrong.  Or if they weren't wrong, to instead of holding on to a crippled memory, say, I forgive you.  I need you. 

For those that are struggling with being the one to make the first move and open the door to what God ordained in their lives, to grasp once again the innocence of that new love so long ago (it's still there, you know), I say, TRUST! TRUST!  Let God heal you.  Have the courage to kick the devil in the teeth and declare, "Not by my strength, but by God's, by Jesus of Nazareth's authority, I take back that which was stolen!  I ask God to restore my broken heart and my broken marriage!  Give us back the dreams we had in our youth, and show us one again that with Christ, ALL things are possible!" 

Be bold!  Go to the throne of God and ask for His divine help in bringing your marriage back together, to help you to remember why you got married in the first place, and the changes that came because you didn't keep God first.  It's not too late, He is just waiting for you to say, "God, help me.  Give me the courage to make new memories, to know that I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me!"

Ask Him for forgiveness of your sins, for straying not just from your spouse and maybe your family, but for straying from Him!  He celebrates our devotion to Him.  He understands when we walk off the path!  He longs for us to come to Him and ask for His forgiveness and help.  And dear Reader, believe me, He WILL NEVER say no to you when you want to do something that is good.  He will get the glory!  How wonderful!  Give God a gift!

Come home, forget the hurt, don't make excuses anymore.  It is the right time.  No one will judge you, and you walk in God's light.  Tell the devil to go to Hell, you are a child of God, and your Lord is Jesus of Nazareth!  Pick up that sword and fight!  Hold on to your spouse and fight together!  Your marriage is God's gift to you.  Don't toss it aside and say it's broken!  God fixes all things if we lay them at His feet!  Don't be afraid. Fear is not from God, it is from Satan.  Fight!  Show him that God is first in your life, that even if you can't see the good outcome, God can, and He will make it right.  Don't wait a minute longer!

Have a blessed day, dear Reader.  Go with God.  His ways are not always understood by us, but they are always right.  If you hear the calling of the Holy Spirit to go home, now, start packing, then do it.  Obey.  Don't reason, don't use logic, don't disobey.  Just do it.  You'll see, He is there.  Let Him drive the car.  You just sit back and see what He has for you.  Don't look back, evil awaits there.  Look forward!  Smile!  He is holding your hand!

God bless you.  I don't know who that is for, but we all love you very much.  Let us know how things worked out.  Happy Wednesday!

To buy a book, go to, shopping page.  Thank you.

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