Monday, December 5, 2011

Reaching a Crossroads, and Trusting God

Here I am at a crossroads, wondering how do I move forward?  In which way do I travel?  I will take the road that God has chosen for me.  Luke 12:12 in the Message Bible says, "The right words will be there.  The Holy Spirit will give you the right words when the time comes." 

Yesterday in church a friend came to me with a message from the Lord.  She said that when I hugged her as I came in, she felt the Lord tell her to reassure me that things would be starting small, and I should not be worried about anything, He is in charge.  He has a great thing for me, later.  First I must learn how to deal with the small.  I am thinking that this is about the inventory of books I have in my house and the angst I have about selling them in the next 2½ weeks.   Eight months ago, my facilitator in my International School of Ministry class told me to not despise the day of small beginnings.  God has told me that too.

This was a reminder of what He spoke to me on August 6, this year.  "Your web page will be slow in getting started, but as word gets out more and more will come to it for a drink of comfort. It will be plain and simple, nothing fancy and intimidating.  Just follow what I tell you to place out there.  Each day, pray first.

"Deirdre, don't think you can do this without Me.  It will fail if you try.  I will tell you what to put there.  It may only be a sentence, or just a scripture, or a long story.  But I will tell you.  Get the attitude that this is My web site and you are the steward.  Just do your job - make sure that the information I give you goes out and then go about your business.  Do not let this become an obsession for you.

"You are going to reach the people that no one else has been able to. When you pray for a laborer to reach those you love that are lost, I am sending someone there.  Just the same, I am using you as a laborer to others.  There are people praying for their friends and family, and their loved ones aren't listening to them.  But you will reach them.  I will inspire you and you will write what I want them to hear.  I will direct their path to find your web site amongst the millions out there.  You will help save people that you will only meet in Heaven.

"That's it, smile!  Be of good cheer!  There is a positive outcome.  I am in you, and you are in Me, so we are one.  We together will proclaim the good news!  Smile!  Rejoice!  Let your heart sing! I love you, child!  Do not worry, trust and obey.  I will lead you to what I want you to say.

"It will be a success, I declare it!  I bless it!  I promote it!  I promise it!"

Okay, Lord, I am going to publish this post.  I am going to do it with trepidation, because I don’t know what the reader may think, but just to prove that I am going to trust You, I will hit the publish button and write more for a later post.  I hear You telling me to trust You, and so I shall.  I will feel Your peace about me. 

Dear Reader, I don’t know what you may be thinking.  But in a little way, it doesn’t matter.  That’s not to say that YOU don’t matter, because you do, but for me right now, I need to trust God and publish this.  If you no longer come, thank you that you did for a while.  If you do come back, thank you for that!  I ask God to bless you and to answer your prayers, to help you to trust.  In His name, Deirdre

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