Monday, December 12, 2011

Trusting God This Afternoon

Today I will be on local TV.  This is something new for me.  I haven't been on TV since I was 3 or so.  I was on the Bozo the Clown show in NY with my sister and brother.  I don't remember much about it.  Today I will be on the Mom's Everyday show on local TV.  I am very calm.  Twice my appearance has been cancelled.  I don't know why the first time, but the second time, last Friday was because a young man from Baylor University, Robert Griffin III, known as RGIII, had become a finalist for the coveted Heisman Trophy.   So the station ran a repeat show with his Mom.  I have no complaints about that, it is a great achievement, and he is a young man of God!  Congratulations to them!

So today I will be on.  Maybe God didn't think I was ready on Friday.  Maybe I wasn't.  I have a peace about me today.  I trust God today.  I took the day off work to spend time with Jesus, reading the Word, and praising and worshipping Him.  I want to feel His presence all around me as I travel and sit in the studio.  Christmas is only 12 shopping days away now, and I have many books to sell.  But He has told me that He will take care of it, not to worry or fret, but to trust Him. 

I don't know all the plans God has for me, and I don't know when they will come, but they will come, because He doesn't just leave us alone to go nowhere.  When there is a desire in a heart, as there is in mine, He speaks and gives direction.  It's up to me to listen and follow His rules or to sit back because it is too difficult.  Believe me, being on national radio and now TV and signing books and selling my book would not have been easy for me in the least had I not gone into His rest.  He has so much more for me that I don't even know about yet.

But first He wants me to cross the raging river, and all I see are the waves and the debris going by.  "It's too hard" I cry!  "I can't get over to the other side!  Why did You tell me to cross?"  I can see my reward on the other side - my husband's dream house, just like in the picture we have. God is saying, "Trust Me, follow Me," and He has His hand out, ready to lead me, and all I see is the river, the white caps.  "No, I can't!" I cry again. 

I don't trust Him, I'm afraid of being swallowed up in the water.  He is very patient.  Maybe He steps back and lets the water reach to where I am. Finally, I will have to take His hand, because there is NO PLACE ELSE TO GO!  And what will He do?  He won't push me in the raging torrent and yell, "Swim, Deirdre, I taught you to swim."  No, He will lead me to the bridge that was just out of my sight, just around the bend!

I was so consumed with the here and now that I couldn't see anything but failure.  I didn't realize I caused my own failure.  If I just took His hand and trusted Him, as a child would, I would have crossed that obstacle that much sooner.  Instead, I walked around the mountain one more time.

Dear reader, we must learn to trust God in everything that goes on, not just in our own life, but in the lives of all those we love, and of the world, and all the governments.  God is in charge!  God has the vault where the tornadoes wait for Him to release them.  He has rooms full of hail, and lightning.  He causes the rain!  But just the same, He brings the cloudless sky filled with warm sunshine and gentle breezes.  We have a destiny.  And we have the choice to let it be a great and rewarding destiny or one filled with trouble and despair.  We either 'let go and let God' or miss out on the glory after glory He wants us to enjoy.

So let's try harder today to trust Him.  Let's start with an hour at a time, or a minute, whatever it takes.  He is very gracious and will wait.  Let us draw our strength from Jesus, because it is through Him, after all, that all things are possible.  (Phil 4:13)

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